I've been a fan of Transformers for many years, but I'm also a (not so young) woman, a mom and a seamstress. You can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, and AO3.

How this all started: Before my first visit to TFCon, I was chatting with a friend, and she convinced me to make a cosplay. This is where my Strongarm costume comes from. I also made a somewhat simple Jazz for someone else. A couple of months later, I made 2 Transformers jackets, Tailgate and Soundwave, for my daughters. Sharing those on the Internet, someone asked me a Soundwave for them. I bought an already made jackets and modified it. It made me realize I love doing them!

From there, friends told me I should make more. I bought a pattern I liked, and started a MTMTE Drift from scratch. Threads in Disguise was born!